Wind Vented Roofing

Reduced "Tear-off" = Reduced Labor & Reduced Landfill!

The Problem

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The Solution

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The ERC Wind Vented Roof System literally uses the power of the wind to hold a flat roof system securely in place against the very thing that is most destructive to a roof - the wind!

Based on scientific methods known as the Bernoulli Principle, the WV system uses vents to create a vacuum that becomes stronger as the speed of the wind increases. The vacuum pulls the air from under the membrane during high wind events, draws it down to the deck, and holds the membrane firmly in place.

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Up To 30 Year Warranty

The Best Roof Warranty in the Industry! Membrane Warranties from leading manufacturers combined with 150 mph winds!

Moisture Mitigation

The WV roof assembly creates a continual drying of the roof substrate. Water/Moisture damage within the roof turns to vapor in low pressures created by the wind vent system. Water in this gaseous state can then exit the roof via the one-way vortex valves.

Speed & Adaptability

With the ability to dry out existing roof moisture, an ERC WV system can be installed over exiting roofs.

Best Performance

No thermal bridging, mechanical fasteners, or expensive and harmful chemicals from glued down roofs. Hands down the best R-value, air barrier, and insulation performance all in one!

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