Roof Coating System


Coating image

An ERC Membrane Restoration System is the best solution for almost any deteriorating and leaking EPDM, Modified, or Thermoplastic membrane roof.

The most common breakdown is brought on by shrinkage and splitting seams. Years of weathering takes its toll on any rooftop framework, bringing about seams opening up and permitting water into the building.

The ERC Membrane Restoration System - with ERC 300 Polyurethane base coat and ERC 400 Silicone top coat - is a seamless elastomer coating system that fully adheres to the membrane stopping all leaks and extending the service life of the existing roof membrane.

With a new white coating system installed, not only is the heat transfer into the building significantly lowered easing the load on the HVAC system during peak demand hours, but the high cost of complete roof replacement is deferred years down the road.