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Wind Vented System

Reduced "Tear-off" = Reduced Labor & Reduced Landfill!

The Problem

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The Solution

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The ERC Wind Vented Roof System literally uses the power of the wind to hold a flat roof system securely in place against the very thing that is most destructive to a roof - the wind!

Based on scientific methods known as the Bernoulli Principle, the WV system uses vents to create a vacuum that becomes stronger as the speed of the wind increases. The vacuum pulls the air from under the membrane during high wind events, draws it down to the deck, and holds the membrane firmly in place.

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Up To 30 Year Warranty
The Best Roof Warranty in the Industry! Membrane Warranties from leading manufacturers combined with 150 mph winds!
Moisture Mitigation
The WV roof assembly creates a continual drying of the roof substrate. Water/Moisture damage within the roof turns to vapor in low pressures created by the wind vent system. Water in this gaseous state can then exit the roof via the one-way vortex valves.
Speed & Adaptability
With the ability to dry out existing roof moisture, an ERC WV system can be installed over exiting roofs.
Best Performance
No thermal bridging, mechanical fasteners, or expensive and harmful chemicals from glued down roofs. Hands down the best R-value, air barrier, and insulation performance all in one!
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PVC is the nation’s fastest growing commercial membrane roofing system. In fact, it has consistently continued to outpace other roofing materials due to its ease of use and specifier confidence. PVC takes less time to install, requires minimal maintenance, and its thermoplastic makeup and heatweldability allow contractors to make repairs with ease. ERC PVC is the result of extensive research and customer feedback. We ensure quality is added and maintained where it matters most. One of the most critical requirements is thickness over scrim. ERC has targeted well over the thickness required by ASTM. This thickness is tested on a continual basis across a 10-foot-wide sheet with a state-of-theart thickness gauge to verify that the thickness valued by our customers is incorporated into the sheet.

Polyester Reinforcement
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Greater tear and breaking strength
  • Outstanding lay-flat qualities for easier seaming
  • Higher seam strength
  • Less seaming labor
  • VOC free
  • Lower labor costs
Advanced Compound and UV Technology
  • Proven long-term performance
  • Non-halogenated compound
  • Excellent long-term flexibility and welding characteristics
  • Free of plasticizers
  • Scuff resistant
  • Increased puncture resistance
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Phase Change Material

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Infinite-R™ Phase Change Mats

Phase Change Materials work like ice inside a cooler. As they melt, they absorb heat without changing temperature until completely melted. As they freeze, they release that heat back again.

Infinite-R™ can be located within your roofing system to shield your building from hot roof temperatures in summer, while stabilizing interior heating temperatures in winter and stopping drastic temperature drops overnight during “un-occupied” cycles.

Energy Savings that Pay For Your Roof

  • Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Comfort
  • Thin, Lightweight & Easy to Install
  • Store “Off-Peak” for daytime use!
  • Fast Payback: Heating & Cooling Savings



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An ERC Membrane Restoration System is the best solution for almost any deteriorating and leaking EPDM, Modified, or Thermoplastic membrane roof. The most common breakdown is brought on by shrinkage and splitting seams. Years of weathering takes its toll on any rooftop framework, bringing about seams opening up and permitting water into the building.

The ERC Membrane Restoration System - with ERC 300 Polyurethane base coat and ERC 400 Silicone top coat - is a seamless elastomer coating system that fully adheres to the membrane stopping all leaks and extending the service life of the existing roof membrane. With a new white coating system installed, not only is the heat transfer into the building significantly lowered easing the load on the HVAC system during peak demand hours, but the high cost of complete roof replacement is deferred years down the road.